Solution by role


Fill your funnel

Be found, and stand out with reviews. From there, let your business be the most convenient to contact, because leads will have the option to message you directly from your digital ads, Google listing, and Facebook page. All these interactions will come into one easy to use inbox where you can route conversations internally, and respond fast to any questions leads may have.

Marketing teams can use InHero to:

  • Collect hundreds of reviews from customers at a point they’re most happiest.
  • Improve local SEO on search engines like Google
  • Build a well-balanced review portfolio on Google, Facebook and specific industry related sites
  • Ask for referrals


Convert more leads

If you follow up with leads within the first 5 minutes, you’re 9x more likely to convert them. With InHero Messenger you can quickly respond to leads, without having to make them fill out a form. Not all leads are ready to be called, with InHero you can answer questions, give advice, and let leads understand their options – all without forcing leads to place an unwanted phone call, or a visit.

Sales teams can use InHero to:

  • Instantly connect and qualify potential buyers when interest is highest, instead of having them fill out a form to be contacted by someone later
  • Provide a great first impression
  • Close the sale, schedule appointments or meetings
  • Collect reviews from customers at a point they’re most happiest.
  • Ask for referrals

Customer care

Provide a personalised customer experience at scale

The majority of our day to day conversations happens over messages – it’s how we prefer to communicate with friends and family. It’s no secret customers choose messaging over voice with businesses too. Giving consumers quick access to your business over messaging is critical to maintaining higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and increasing lifetime value – this is compounded with the impact of providing a personalised customer experience.

Customer care teams can use InHero to:

  • Handle billing and payment related questions
  • Check on order statuses
  • Solve problems


Business performance insights into every corner of your business

Having insights into every part of your business can be difficult. With InHero, we keep you aware of customer feedback and experience, not only showing you all the great reviews your business is getting, but also how your reviews and ratings vary from month to month, and key insights to improve your business.

Management can use InHero to:

  • View all online reviews
  • Gain insights into business performance
  • Get notified every time your business gets a review
  • Increase bottom line with more customers