Win more leads. Earn repeat customers again and again.

Create happy customers by providing convenient experiences. Then capitalise on them to get found, get chosen, and become the preferred choice.

Get found by more customers

Be found by more customers. It all starts with a search — show up on top on Google, Facebook, and industry sites with real customer reviews. With InHero it takes just 30 seconds for your customers to leave reviews on the sites that matter most.

Be the obvious choice

Be the obvious choice. A well balanced portfolio of real reviews on sites that matter most will increase brand trust, and make the you the obvious choice against the list of competitors.

And the easiest to contact

And the easiest to contact. From there, capture more leads, and turn more into customers by giving them a convenient way to get in touch. Whether they start on Google, Facebook, or your website, every message comes to the same inbox so you never miss a lead.

Differentiate with convenient experiences

Differentiate with convenient experiences. Create unmatched customer experiences by delivering ease and convenience from start to finish. Answer questions, schedule appointments, announce promotions, solve customer problems, and more – all by messaging on the channels your customers prefer. You can seamlessly assign conversations to the right team member. No hold music. No call transfers. Just convenient messaging.

Earn repeat customers

Earn repeat customers. Always be one text away because the next time your customers need a business like yours, it won’t start with a search. They will already had a great experience and your number will be saved in their phone.

Tackle bad experiences before they turn into lost revenue

Tackle bad experiences before they turn into lost revenue Get a pulse on every experience a customer has with you, be it a new or repeat customer, so you learn what you can do to retain them more, spot any customers who may be slipping away, and prevent negative reviews.

Use the past to strengthen future performance

Use the past to strengthen future performance. With analytics see how your business is performing month to month through reviews and ratings. Spot inefficiencies and areas for improvement, then make and measure changes according to customer feedback.

Business text messaging means better communication. No more lost leads or hold music – business SMS is direct, fast and closes the deal.

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