Collect, monitor and manage your reviews. All from one dashboard. Be it 1, 10 or 10,000 locations.

Be found, Get chosen as the #1 choice on sites your customers trust.

Effortlessly get new authentic reviews. Send a review invite using our smartphone or desktop app. The customer gets a text with a link to leave a review. We take them through a streamlined review process, getting you reviews on Google, Facebook and sites of your choice. Send invite automatically by integrating InHero into systems you already use.

Build a balanced presence. Hundreds of reviews on one site is great. With InHero, hundreds of reviews on multiple sites is even better.

Monitor and respond to your reviews from one place. All your reviews from Google, Facebook and other sites feed into InHero. Get a notification every time a review is posted for your business.

Quickly address negative feedback. InHero alerts you of negative customer experiences so you can respond instantly. Customers can also leave private feedback preventing negative experiences turning into negative reviews in the firstplace.

Know how your business is perfoming. InHero shows you how your reviews and ratings vary over time, how one location is performing to another and more.

Your reviews affect your revenue. Use InHero to get more customers through your door.

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