About Us

Modernising the way local businesses interact with their customers


After advising a few business owners as a digital marketer, Hassan noticed that local businesses who wanted to grow were either using no strategy, or a marketing strategy that wasn’t designed for them. Instead of playing to their strengths by using customers to drive their business forward – local businesses were running paid ads to no end.

After a Google search, it was apparent that businesses struggle with review collection, Hassan came across some great businesses that had poor reviews, which was unrepresentative of their true service. There were some businesses who were running Google ads yet showing a 3 star rating.

All of this was just symptom of a bigger problem: The way local businesses have been taught to market and sell doesn’t match how we interact today.

From this, a company was born: InHero. It was founded on “outreach”, the notion that building authentic relationships, and creating convenient experiences with customers leads to growth that drives upon itself.

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